Multi-Functional Kitchen Tap Appliances

Client: Greg Rowe Ltd


Accuturn had previously worked with GREG ROWE LIMITED to supply precision engineered stainless steel products and components. These included drinking water filter cartridge housings and larger scale domestic filtration products and systems for the UK and Overseas market.

When GREG ROWE designed  a multi-patented, 4-in-1 kitchen tap appliance – so called, as it dispenses hot, cold, filtered cold and filtered, 100°C boiling water. Accuturn was delighted to collaborate closely with Greg Rowe and its in-house R&D Team on its manufacture.

The Accuturn team have worked hard to achieve a finish that requires no post polishing operations straight from the machine. This requires strict controls when handling the components during the machining processes and any post machining operations such as deburring and passivation.  This has been a contributing factor towards the success of the GREG ROWE products, giving the taps a unique finish unlike others – which are typically plated.

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