Medical components - parts for lung simulators, gas hoses & probes

Client: SMS Technologies Ltd


Accuturn’s team has over 20 years' experience of manufacturing components for the medical industry.  Director, Robert Stokes started his apprenticeship at SMS Technologies LTD, and during his time with SMS went onto gain his ONC and HNC in Mechanical Engineering. Pictured is Robert, whilst on his apprenticeship with SMS Technologies, showing the Duke of Kent round the workshop.

Robert spent six years with SMS, which gave him a solid understanding of what was required in the manufacture of safety critical medical components, including the need to work to very tight tolerances.

After Accuturn was formed, the company continue to work extremely closely with SMS as a main supplier of components, to include parts for:

  • lung simulators

  • medical gas hoses

  • gas probes

  • gas scavenging systems

Rob joined SMS Technologies as an apprentice and after two years’ general learning, he decided to specialise in our machine shop for the next two years.  He quickly became a respected and accomplished machinist in every area, turned and prismatic.  SMS Technologies supplied medical product and devices to a wide ranging market, including many multi-national companies.  When Rob set up his own machine shop, there was no question that we would continue to utilise his skills.  The quality of product supplied, competitive pricing and minimal lead times led to Rob becoming one of our major suppliers.  We would not hesitate to recommend his company to you.

 Steve and Christine Sandland, Directors, SMS Technologies LTD

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